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hatch cover damage inspection

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hatch cover damage inspection

Cargo hatch covers are important for the safety of the ship, crew and cargo.
A number of reported victims are related to the loss of integrity to the weather because of the failure of securing and locking devices. In addition, the cargo hatch covers are to protect the cargo stowed in the holds of damage due to water intrusion, especially if the cargo is susceptible to water damage. It should be noted that a significant portion of all claims related to cargo caused by water damage and many of them are related to the sea water through the penetration covers the cargo hatch.

hatch cover damage inspection -physical defects

Typical physical defects that lead to claims related to water damage are -
1) The rubber packing is beyond the replacement point.
2) The seal is worn / torn, or missing or moved back.
3) Waste rest pads / support.
4) not blocked - Return drain valves.
5) cross Wasted - common drainage channels.

hatch cover damage inspection -IMO establishment

The IMO has established a standard part of inspection and maintenance so that bulk carriers hatch covers will be borne by the owners and operators. The PMS program (planned maintenance program) (as part of the SMS - Safety Management System) provided by IMO is directed to the following widely -
 1) The overall structural strength must be maintained by protecting the exposed surfaces of the hatch cover coating and rigidity.
 2) The surface smoothness and correct profile of trackways of rolling covers, compression bars and other steel work bearing on seals or friction linings must be preserved for reducing wear rates on these components. Trackways therefore must be kept clean and lubricated properly. systems
 3) The opening hydraulic or mechanical propulsion, closing, fixing or cleats should be maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. All parts that move during use blankets should be kept in a good condition. Also all other moving parts should be lubricated regularly.
4) When he was identified as platelets rest, compression bars, joints, etc. must be replaced because of significant wastage, wear or loss of adjustment capability - adjusting the manual cleats must be maintained.
5) Seals and other wearing parts must be replaced in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations or indentations. It goes without saying that after every loading process - the summits coaming and the transverse common channels should be cleaned by removing any residue of scale or bulk goods.
A routine inspection and maintenance hatch cover which corresponds chronologically in the inspection plan and hull maintenance should be implemented. IMO standards lists a number of hatch cover elements to be inspected every cycle of the journey, but not more than once per month.
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