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marine services dubai

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Marine services Dubai

Marine services dubai constellation Marine Surveyors were involved in investigating many serious accidents and high profile jobs and speed of response and effectively to any type of maritime accidents around the world, 24 hours a day in charge and ready for survey at any time . We can determine the cause and extent, help mitigate the loss, gather evidence and provide expert advice to ship owners, operators and the Underwriters. Marine services are provided by our specialist constellation marine survey company operating in the UK, Uae , Perth, cape town and Singapore.

Marine Services dubai

Cargo damage surveys.
CMS assists more than 3,000 surveys cargo related each year. Each cargo has its own properties and reacts differently contact with water, humidity, exposure to heat, sunlight or gases emitted by other cargo aboard the ship or when collisions takes place. Cargo damage occurs on the different ways. The expert surveyors of Constellation Marine Surveyors is not limited to ocean transport only, but also includes the inland road, rail and air .

Marine services are provided by our specialist constellation marine survey company operating in the UK, Uae, Perth, cape town and Singapore.

The Collision Investigation by marine surveyors Dubai. CMS uses marine specialists with significant experience in the investigation of a ship collisions or an investigation on the spot or after the incident review of data and information collected. Surveyors CMS are able to attend sites worldwide 24 hours a day, to simulate collision incidents for specific types of ships, collect and preserve evidence, collect crew statements, analysis of data conduct and provide support services recovery and repair if necessary.

Marine services are provided by our specialist marine survey company operating in the UK, Uae , Perth, cape town and Singapore,

marine services dubai Incidents of injury

 One of the most traumatic shipboard incidents are those involving bodily injury or death of a crew member or other person visiting the ship.

constellation is able to undertake a variety of impartial investigations to reduce the trauma.

Marine surveys also include extensive reviews of local regulations and IMO on safety issues and working conditions and the implementation and enforcement of these regulations.

 marine services dubai- Pollution and environmental damage 
 Constellation is able to help in investigating the causes and scope, data collection and analysis, assessments and environmental studies, risk assessment and reduction and permits and licenses.

marine services dubai- Fire Investigations 
 Constellation simplifies the chaos left by the fire and presents clear to our customers through the survey findings, reconstruction, analysis of fire, claims and litigation and technical advice on freight damage and handling.

CMS Dubai has been involved in investigating the cause of fires on awide variety of vessels.
To further expand our service in this area, several experts CMS Dubai received or are in the process of obtaining the skills to investigate the IAAI certified under fire.

marine services dubai- marine Salvage Consultancy
 CMS Dubai provides expert advice when assistance is required for different types of rescue and removal of the wreck.
Our rescue team base includes experienced salvage masters and naval architects. Our experts are available around the world, 24/7 for emergencies on the site, to provide advice on the recovery and removal of wrecks, approvals towing, rescue and offers to provide the expert assistance in dispute and litigation

For More About Our Services Please click here marine services dubai.
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  1. expert advice on the condition of the pre owned yacht:During the second half of 2015, a diligent yacht owner consulted and trusted Constellation marine services to provide our expert advice on the condition of the pre-owned yacht which was laying safely afloat port side alongside at the Dubai Creek on 25th Aug 2015.


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